Do you have a street location?

Not at the moment, but is something we have in plans for the future.


What is the price of your cakes?

Traditional Cakes:  These cakes are a simple version of our custom cakes.  4 thin layers of cake, 3 of buttercream (approx. height 3.5-4″), iced in buttercream, simple border, a choice of 1-3 buttercream roses or balloons with a simple message (ex: “Happy Birthday Rose”).  Sheet cakes: 2 thin layers cake, 1 filling.

  • 7″ round (serves 6-9)………….$32                          1/4″ sheet cake (serves 18-25)….$42
  • 9″ round (serves 12-18)………$55                          1/2″ sheet cake (serves 36-54)….$80
  • 10″ round (serves 18-25)…….$65

Custom/Stacked Cakes: This refers to a single tier or stacked cake that is customized.  The price is based on the slice (per serving), it starts at a base price of $3.50/serving for buttercream and $4.50/serving for fondant.  (3 thick layers of cake, 2 of buttercream, average height 4-5″).  The final price of a custom cake depends on flavors, size, and design.  Once we have the servings established, additional fees are added to cover intricacy of design and structure.


Do you deliver and how much does it cost?

Yes, we deliver in the Philadelphia area; $15 within a 10-mile radius from kitchen.  $1 each additional extra mile.


Do you offer cake tastings?

Yes, for wedding consultations only.  I offer a complementary tasting that includes:  choice of 3 cake flavors (4″ cakes) iced with your choice of buttercream, and 3 filling samples.  Additional samples can be provided for a charge.


How far in advanced should I place my order?

I run my business part-time.  Some days book faster than others.  For sheetcakes, cupcakes or other baked goods, I require 2 week advanced notice.  For wedding cakes, 4 to 6 month advanced notice and for other custom cakes, 2 to 4 month advanced notice. At times, it might be possible to book a wedding cake within 2 months – a rush fee of $100 will be added to the final cake price.


Do you offer gluten free/dietary options?



I saw a cake online, can you replicate it?

Honestly it is not fair to copy another artist’s work without consent.  The cake you are ordering should be as special as the person who is receiving it.  You can provide pictures just to get the idea of the design. The final cake will be somewhat different and based on your design choice.  In addition to pictures, you can provide colors, textures, invitations or any item that relates to your theme.  Remember this is YOUR cake!


Buttercream or Fondant?

Your choice.  A lot of texture can be done with buttercream.  Fondant cake will cost more.  Fondant decorations can be applied to a buttercream cake.  My fondant of choice is Satin Ice.  Most of my cakes are iced with Swiss meringue buttercream and kids prefer the sweetness of the traditional American buttercream.  I use all butter in my buttercream.

Payment/Deposit:  At this time, I accept Square Cash, PayPal, personal checks (for deposits only) and cash.  Once you are ready to place an order, payment link will be provided.