Dripping Cakes


What is so irresistible about these luscious, creamy, lava-like sauce dripping all over the cake?


Is it the assortment of goodies you can drape it with?

The size, the style, the flavors….whatever it is, I will call it the grown-up version of a candy land.  These cakes are customized to the receiver’s likes and are called Bespoke Cakes in this page.  What is your pleasure?

You can choose from a variety of sauces including dark, chocolate or white chocolate.  What about caramel or a mirror glaze?

It all begins with the base.   “all about the base, the base…”  These cakes are made by stacking 3 layers of cake and 2 of filling.  You can customize the flavor, make it all vanilla or heck? death by chocolate.  You can also choose three flavors of cakes:  vanilla, chocolate, red velvet!  Then let’s go with the sauce….  This is where we really loose our minds – how to garnish?  You can go the cooooo-kie way or take a detour to chocolate land.  Make it pop with your favorite flavor of popcorn; what about macarons, meringue or buttercream rosettes?  No limit…

I am telling you the options are endless, but a word of CAUTION:  “sugar is sugar no matter where it comes from” and is very addictive (don’t I know!).  Have your cake and eat it too, but consider sharing and never forget to eat your veggies.  And why I go and mess it up for you, you may ask?  I am a baker, but also an exercise enthusiast who cares about proper nutrition.  Cake is just that “a dessert, a bite, a sin…” is not meant to be the main source of nutrition.  And here my friend is where a lot of us make that mistake.

Take a bite, eat the damn cake, be happy, be sweet!

xoxo Maddy!


As I sit here, brainstorming and planning what will my “dream bakeshop” will be like, I keep imagining a place where people will come to buy fresh bread.   

Anything out of dough…loaf, baguette, bun, croissants, donuts…you got my idea.  The one ingredient that will add a robust flavor is my sourdough starter.

Now see this…20170606_060141

or this…


To me, bread is about comfort and my idea of a great bread comes from growing up, that special loaf of bread – fresh hot out of the oven.  I enjoy making dough by hand, small batch, and researching new flavors.  Bread is life!

I love bread!

My Style


lovebird cake

One of my gifted talents is making wedding cakes.  Everything made to your request, fresh ingredients, homemade flavor and the special attention and love I put into my creations.

My style for wedding cakes is clean and sophisticated.  The picture above was my first wedding cake.  The peony flowers are one of my favorite sugar flowers to create.  I rather spend hours on a flower than buying a ready to use product.  My preference, my unique style.

I lean more towards buttercream cakes, but can create in fondant as well.  I love to pipe and is my goal to learn as much as I can.  I am a very detail oriented (call it obsessive) and will sometimes have to tell myself “let it go, put it down”.

Cake to me is an expression of love.  Do not overindulge, but do celebrate.  Growing up, I remember the anxiety of going to a party, the enthusiasm for the cake, and yes when cake was served everything stand-still, me and the cake, enjoying every bite of it.  Sweet memories.  Every time I eat cake, I relax and enjoy the moment, study the flavors and the pairings and think of my sweet childhood memories.

Cake is usually cut at the end of the party.  Ever wonder why?  It is there for everyone’s eyes to see, for their noses to smell that sweet aroma, preparing your tastebuds for the grand finale.  I enjoy baking, creating and eating cake.  Let me create your next special moment for you to share with your loved ones.

Cake=is very addicting!



I am a baker, not a web designer!

Patience is a virtue!

Life happens when you are trying to have fun.  Trying to get this site up-to-date and ready to answer all your FAQ, is taking more time than expected.

I can bake, but WordPress is a different story.

While all content goes online, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to place an order.  How can I place an order, if I do not see a menu? you may ask. I promise you by the end of the month everything will be updated.

Cakes, any type, except erotic cakes!  Flavors…just ask!  Currently I am only taking orders within the Philadelphia area.  All orders are delivery.  We are taking orders for April 2017 and thereafter.

If you have any questions, post and I will answer. Since this is a family own small business, please allow 48 business hours for a reply.

I am also working on some pop up ventures which will be advertised here once organized.  Also cake flavor tasting packs will be available for the season for a small fee.  Check me on Facebook for current updates!

Keep it sweet,


Collecting all the sprinkles…

Baked Goods

We transform basic ingredients (flour, water, butter and yeast) into a multitude of exquisitely crafted baked goods.

We offer a variety of cookies, scones, muffins, mini desserts, breads and custom cakes.  Our approach is to use local and the finest ingredients with a Latin twist.

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