Dripping Cakes


What is so irresistible about these luscious, creamy, lava-like sauce dripping all over the cake?


Is it the assortment of goodies you can drape it with?

The size, the style, the flavors….whatever it is, I will call it the grown-up version of a candy land.  These cakes are customized to the receiver’s likes and are called Bespoke Cakes in this page.  What is your pleasure?

You can choose from a variety of sauces including dark, chocolate or white chocolate.  What about caramel or a mirror glaze?

It all begins with the base.   “all about the base, the base…”  These cakes are made by stacking 3 layers of cake and 2 of filling.  You can customize the flavor, make it all vanilla or heck? death by chocolate.  You can also choose three flavors of cakes:  vanilla, chocolate, red velvet!  Then let’s go with the sauce….  This is where we really loose our minds – how to garnish?  You can go the cooooo-kie way or take a detour to chocolate land.  Make it pop with your favorite flavor of popcorn; what about macarons, meringue or buttercream rosettes?  No limit…

I am telling you the options are endless, but a word of CAUTION:  “sugar is sugar no matter where it comes from” and is very addictive (don’t I know!).  Have your cake and eat it too, but consider sharing and never forget to eat your veggies.  And why I go and mess it up for you, you may ask?  I am a baker, but also an exercise enthusiast who cares about proper nutrition.  Cake is just that “a dessert, a bite, a sin…” is not meant to be the main source of nutrition.  And here my friend is where a lot of us make that mistake.

Take a bite, eat the damn cake, be happy, be sweet!

xoxo Maddy!

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