My Style


lovebird cake

One of my gifted talents is making wedding cakes.  Everything made to your request, fresh ingredients, homemade flavor and the special attention and love I put into my creations.

My style for wedding cakes is clean and sophisticated.  The picture above was my first wedding cake.  The peony flowers are one of my favorite sugar flowers to create.  I rather spend hours on a flower than buying a ready to use product.  My preference, my unique style.

I lean more towards buttercream cakes, but can create in fondant as well.  I love to pipe and is my goal to learn as much as I can.  I am a very detail oriented (call it obsessive) and will sometimes have to tell myself “let it go, put it down”.

Cake to me is an expression of love.  Do not overindulge, but do celebrate.  Growing up, I remember the anxiety of going to a party, the enthusiasm for the cake, and yes when cake was served everything stand-still, me and the cake, enjoying every bite of it.  Sweet memories.  Every time I eat cake, I relax and enjoy the moment, study the flavors and the pairings and think of my sweet childhood memories.

Cake is usually cut at the end of the party.  Ever wonder why?  It is there for everyone’s eyes to see, for their noses to smell that sweet aroma, preparing your tastebuds for the grand finale.  I enjoy baking, creating and eating cake.  Let me create your next special moment for you to share with your loved ones.

Cake=is very addicting!



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