I am a baker, not a web designer!

Patience is a virtue!

Life happens when you are trying to have fun.  Trying to get this site up-to-date and ready to answer all your FAQ, is taking more time than expected.

I can bake, but WordPress is a different story.

While all content goes online, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to place an order.  How can I place an order, if I do not see a menu? you may ask. I promise you by the end of the month everything will be updated.

Cakes, any type, except erotic cakes!  Flavors…just ask!  Currently I am only taking orders within the Philadelphia area.  All orders are delivery.  We are taking orders for April 2017 and thereafter.

If you have any questions, post and I will answer. Since this is a family own small business, please allow 48 business hours for a reply.

I am also working on some pop up ventures which will be advertised here once organized.  Also cake flavor tasting packs will be available for the season for a small fee.  Check me on Facebook for current updates!

Keep it sweet,


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